About Us


Born from a desire to deepen their own craft of envisaging, producing, and hosting theatrically-scaled, high-end events with Boutique Souk, the Farasha Farmhouse weaves together past and present wisdom to unfurl a confident new vision for the future.

Once the residence and atelier of French painter Patrice Arnaud, the bohemian-styled bucolic home was acquired by Fred and Rosena Charmoy in 2021, who became instantly enamoured by the property’s cinematic mountain views and distinctive light.

Farasha is the Moroccan word for butterfly and themes of metamorphosis and ascendance were poured poetically into the refurbishment. A team of skilled artisans dutifully transformed the vaulted ceilinged atelier into two adjacent suites, while the lower level was reimagined into spacious living and entertaining areas, an additional double bedroom and detached mini villa-styled ‘casita.’

Contoured by Fred and Rosena’s experience at Boutique Souk and coloured by their love of eclectic hospitality touchstones stretching from the Balearic Islands to Austin, Texas, the Farasha Farmhouse blurs the line between accommodation, art, music, and wellness; playfully placing this myriad offering within a Moroccan context.

Reimagined, the farmhouse emerges as an ever-evolving crossroads between hospitality and creativity, inspiring an entirely a new perspective for modern travel.

A natural evolution from the founders’ two decades of experience and expertise helming Boutique Souk, this more permanent footing in Marrakech’s outlying countryside sets the scene for more profound expressions of creative hospitality

An Artisanal Showcase

Unfolding like a celebration of contemporary Moroccan craftsmanship, the well-appointed farmhouse is also a reflection of the couple’s longstanding relationships and collaborative spirit.

Floors are adorned with custom tapestries from Beni Rugs, installation sculptures have been generously installed by seminal Moroccan contemporary artist Amine El Gotaibi, while the enviable book collection comes from the family estate of legendary American fashion editor Diana Vreeland, donated to the Farasha Farmhouse by her son Freck who served as the US ambassador to Morocco.

Relics of previous creative adventures, such as a traditional iron orange juice cart, hand-painted by artist Laurence Hermes from LRNCE STUDIO for her own wedding, have been given pride of place as lasting fixtures on the shaded patio. A collection of crystals sourced from the north of Morocco were placed around the garden to enhance the property’s energetic resonance.

In the lead-up to the opening, Rosena spent three years collecting and restoring vintage pieces including the signature 1970s sofa in the central lounge. Consistent with the couple’s longstanding practice of sourcing local wares and supporting independent artisans, the entire property has been brought to life with Moroccan materials, craftsmanship, and wisdom.

The essence is about bringing people together to actively inspire new connections, viewpoints, and pathways.